Data-driven Actionable eCommerce Insights

Maximize the Potential

Acquire.We acquire data from different online channels where your brand is present.

Analyze.We analyze the acquired data to explore and measure insights.

Act.We deliever the actionable insights which can help in maximising the sales.

Price Intelligence

Daily Promotion Compliance
Financial Reconcilation
Price Violations
Eyeball Competitor Price Analysis
Historical Pricing Data
Price Breach Alert

Assortmant Intelligence

Daily Stock Compliance
Geo Level Stock Compliance
Seller Buy Box
Predictive OOS Tracker
Stock Trends
New Launch Tracker
OOS Alert

. Coming Soon
Catalog Governance & Content Integerity Online Discoverability Shelf Velocity Optimization Brand Perception: Ratings & Reviews Placment Visibility Couterfeit Products Detection

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Actionable Insights & Alerts
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